thoughts within me

You were clear from the beginning,
all this was just fun in the moment,
I was the one still hoping,
that my love could change your mind,
but now I know I was the one playing blind.

You say you have the best time with me,
and tell me secrets you never shared,
You say i’m the closest one to you,
yet to love someone else you’re prepared.

When I ask you why,
you simply sigh,
and tell me once again,

baby we want different things in life,
I’m a bird who wants to fly high,
you’re a fish who’ll never leave his pond,
while we’re together lets enjoy this bond.

Together we’ll never be stable,
because we’re incompatible.


I know now that I had sinned,
When I broke your heart,
When I left you all alone,
While your world was falling apart.

Forgiveness is not what I seek,
Coz I know its not what I deserve,
But seeing you so listless, I plead,
Once again open your heart to love.

So far away I shall retreat,
I’ll cause no more harm to you,
And my heart will smile with joy once again,
Knowing your heart smiles with joy too.

She is a free bird,
She wants to fly away.
She made me feel special,
So I want her to stay.

Her heaven lies in the sky,
Far across the oceans, I know.
Her smile will die in a cage,
So I’ve got to let her go.

we all do,
it just happens,
nobody intends to.

I am so sorry,
For all you went through
Give me another chance
Let me make it up to you.

I have a name, an identity,
yet anonymously I exist,
I have dreams, and passions,
yet failures I resist.

I see wrong things happening,
yet quiet I remain,
I feel I’m losing myself,
because I keep away from pain.

I have friends and family,
yet I spend time alone,
even during holidays,
I’m either online or on phone.

Makes me wonder, who am I?
the one who walks the path of my destiny,
or the hurdles on my way.

The sooner the better is what they say,
but on one thing this mind doesn’t stay,
with so many wonderful things around,
how can one single passion be found?

Why limit to one when you can do two,
three is better, even four is considered few,
there’s no limit to what you can do,
everyday brings with it chance to begin anew.

time and age is no reason to give in,
and no matter how far you’ve drifted away,
for a man with dreams and hope,
there’s always a brand new day.

I wait by your window,
or sit just a few seats away,
I walk by across the street,
thinking of words to say to you,
hoping that one day when I do,
you may smile and say something too.

So many times when our eyes have met,
how quickly we smiled and looked away,
And when we talked, we talked of the world,
instead of the things we actually wanted to say.

In your presence I find myself lost,
yet closest to happiness than ever before.
my heart overflows with sweet feelings,
I long for you everyday more and more.