thoughts within me

Walk into the light

Posted on: October 12, 2016

The pain of despair only grows,
as you carry it as a reminder.
You feel you’re forever disgraced,
and don’t deserve any better.

You drown yourself deep enough,
to be deafened and blinded.
Because you feel there’s no one,
in whom you could have confided.

You’re so used to darkness by now,
that stepping out into light hurts,
You’ve tried and given up, many times,
that you’ve decided it will never work.

But you do look at those who walk,
and laugh and dance in the light,
and somewhere that desire stirs up,
and you hope, what if it just might!

When you feel that desire grow strong,
and you’re ready to give it your best,
step outside, keep walking, don’t stop,
we’ll be waiting to welcome you back.


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