thoughts within me

Its never too late.

Posted on: April 16, 2015

The sooner the better is what they say,
but on one thing this mind doesn’t stay,
with so many wonderful things around,
how can one single passion be found?

Why limit to one when you can do two,
three is better, even four is considered few,
there’s no limit to what you can do,
everyday brings with it chance to begin anew.

time and age is no reason to give in,
and no matter how far you’ve drifted away,
for a man with dreams and hope,
there’s always a brand new day.


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  • None
  • Braja: Just one word - "Respect". Thanks for writing this poem for those who lay their lives for others.
  • vrikmace: Thank you Taskeen !! :) :)
  • Taskeen: Nice one Sainani! :)


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