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we all do,
it just happens,
nobody intends to.

I am so sorry,
For all you went through
Give me another chance
Let me make it up to you.


I have a name, an identity,
yet anonymously I exist,
I have dreams, and passions,
yet failures I resist.

I see wrong things happening,
yet quiet I remain,
I feel I’m losing myself,
because I keep away from pain.

I have friends and family,
yet I spend time alone,
even during holidays,
I’m either online or on phone.

Makes me wonder, who am I?
the one who walks the path of my destiny,
or the hurdles on my way.

The sooner the better is what they say,
but on one thing this mind doesn’t stay,
with so many wonderful things around,
how can one single passion be found?

Why limit to one when you can do two,
three is better, even four is considered few,
there’s no limit to what you can do,
everyday brings with it chance to begin anew.

time and age is no reason to give in,
and no matter how far you’ve drifted away,
for a man with dreams and hope,
there’s always a brand new day.