thoughts within me

Archive for March 2015

I wait by your window,
or sit just a few seats away,
I walk by across the street,
thinking of words to say to you,
hoping that one day when I do,
you may smile and say something too.

So many times when our eyes have met,
how quickly we smiled and looked away,
And when we talked, we talked of the world,
instead of the things we actually wanted to say.

In your presence I find myself lost,
yet closest to happiness than ever before.
my heart overflows with sweet feelings,
I long for you everyday more and more.


Help me understand
The pain you go through
Despite being together
I dont feel I am with you.

There is a gap between us and
I’ll cover that extra mile
I will save you from yourself
And once again see you smile.

But you must take me along
Open all your doors for me
You have come so far alone
Let me join you in this journey.

Share your burden so that I may carry some.
Whenever you ask for me I will always come.
With time our friendship has inmensely grown.
Now that I’m here you don’t have to suffer alone.

If you wanna save yourself,
run away and don’t look back.
I’m not just a bad omen,
I’m full blown demonic attack.
The darkness runs through my veins,
and pours through my eyes,
The sweet promise of heaven,
nothing but sugar coated lies,
I’m a demon in disguise.

Under the spell of the devil,
I show my ugly side,
I stomp on your happiness,
and take you for a ride,
Just when you begin to trust me,
I shatter it for my gain,
under the spell of the devil,
I make you cry in pain.