thoughts within me

Archive for February 2015

The impending perils stare right at me,
but I look away and refuse to see,
time whispers that its ticking away,
If only I could beckon it to stay,

Luck tries to be my friend,
But gives up on me towards the end.
Dreams and wishes are now fairy tales,
I give up and stay down, once I fail.

No longer I am what I used to be,
Have I become my own worst enemy.

I look at myself in the mirror,
disappointed eyes look back at me,
I wonder what I ever lived for,
Breathing heavily I feel out of energy.

love makes me feel the hate,
My greed remains insatiate.
My fear keeps me alive for its amusement
While I live my days in repentance.

I burn in the fire of my own agony,
Have I become my own worst enemy.


The old lady is gone
but they don’t care
She suffered alone
but they never cared
She was one of their own.

And now that she’s gone,
They just want their share.

So now they all come
Out of their hiding
The wait is finally over.

Masking their relief with grief,
false tears hiding their mischief,
their stay is to the point and brief.

The old lady lived alone
But no one came to meet her
Or called her on phone
But now it doesn’t matter.

She lived out her days
In ways bad or worse
But at last she is at peace
While others
fighting for a bigger share
seem to lose theirs.

If only they had shown
such concern for the old lady.

I really don’t remember
How we became good friends,
All I remember,
Is she makes me feel good.
I may be selfish and mean
And not show that I care
But when her absence hurts
I wish she was there.
We are so different
Yet we get along fine.
Sometimes I wish this
Swell girl was mine.

She has always been my
First and only girl,
Whom I daily walked home.
First and only girl
Who never let me feel alone
First and only girl
Even when I get bitten by misery
She’s always been there for me.

He’s just a lonely boy,
coz he ain’t hip like the folks with money.
He’s just a lonely boy,
coz they find him odd but not so
He’s just a lonely boy,
coz he just can’t keep up with the race,
He likes his own space.

He’s just a lonely boy,
coz he likes to read and sleep till late.
He’s just a lonely boy,
coz he runs away from gossips and debates.
He’s just a lonely boy,
coz no matter how hard he tries,
The world never seems satisfied.

He’s just a lonely boy,
coz the girls around him make him shiver,
He’s just a lonely boy,
coz he never bothers to look in a mirror,
He’s just a lonely boy,
coz he ain’t got no skills to impress,
expectations put him under stress.