thoughts within me

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Things never come so easy,
you really gotta work for it,
or you may beg, borrow or steal.
Its like my father always said,
son, in life there is no free meal,
there’s always a price to pay,
its not nice, you may say,
but sorry, that’s always the deal.

If it looks too good to be true,
it is almost always a lie,
because there’s never no strings attached,
there’s always conditions apply.


to lose someone is to lose a part of oneself,
time moves on, but the past memories feel unfulfilled,
the broken connection bleeds, hurts as it hangs in emptiness.

to lose someone is being naked in cold,
freezing still looks better than moving on,
the presence is felt but not the warm excitement.

to lose someone is to fear making new acquaintances,
to drift closer to the close ones,
hold them so tight and reluctant to let go.

I am nobody special,
I also crawled before I could walk,
I also hurt when I fall,
I also cry on final good-byes.

I am nobody special,
I also feel the need for a hug,
I also fear when things don’t work,
I also feel lonely sometimes.

I’m just like you,
you’re just like me,
agents of love,
seeking peace and harmony.

I am nobody special,
I also have one heart,
that beats with love or fear,
whichever is near.
I also love to surprise with joy,
and hate to disappoint.
I also feel insecure sometimes.

I’m just like you,
you’re just like me,
but together we are so much more,
than alone we can ever be.
lets all get together,
and make sweet memories.