thoughts within me

Archive for April 2014

I feel it flowing in me,
emotions, to put it simply,
joy, sorrow, guilt, rage,
in my book, each has its own page,
I visit each once in a while,
just to glance through,
coz if I stay any longer,
the feelings grow stronger.

Then to make a sudden escape,
I turn the page, and find that,
sometimes joy turns to sorrow,
sometimes guilt turns to rage.

There are so many things
I wish to say,
so many pre-planned gestures
to get my feelings conveyed.
If I do and they’re well received,
I pat myself on my back.
If not, I spend most of my day,
brooding over what I lack.

So I keep my empathy in the freezer,
learned enough from life’s teasers,
I practice my smile,
learn some nice things to say,
as and when required, I keep in touch,
rest of the time, I keep away.