thoughts within me

Archive for March 2014

The grey clouds cover the sun,
and don’t let it shine,
I forget how to laugh or smile,
because all I do is whine.

The silver lining looks like,
a trail of black ink,
I give it all I can,
but even at my best I stink!

It stops me at every corner,
that may lead to a better life,
I don’t deserve it, is what it says,
and fills my head with such lies.

Time takes me along, aging me,
I lose my skills, my memories,
my faith, my pride, and
I can’t see any way to be free.

Sometimes when I see happiness,
I feel sad, because I miss it,
like floating in the outer space,
I drift through my life.

There’s one thing I wish,
before I breathe my last,
I want to know that I tried my best,
and leave with no pain in my heart.