thoughts within me

Archive for January 2014

Tired eyes beckon me, to rest for a while,
mouth opens wide, lets out a weary yawn.
I take my fingers off the keyboard,
and my butt off the chair,
ready to drop asleep on my bed,
and give up control of all my senses.

Just when sweet slumber wraps me in its arms,
and I am ready to drown,
realizing I haven’t brushed my teeth,
my wrinkle free happy face grows a frown.

So while I stand there,
lazily moving my arm up and down, left and right,
I notice my hairline has been falling back
and my forehead growing in sight.

After servicing my teeth,
I give the scalp my full attention.
I see gaping holes, like punctures,
through the layers of hair,
and that I now look like a senior citizen
living on his pension.

Dark circles and eye sacks below my eyes,
and my slow dragful gait,
swelling tummy was no longer my main concern,
it was my face I have started to hate.

So I smile at myself in the mirror,
hoping all this would go away,
I did look better, and then it strikes me,
I am the dull boy Jack with all work and no play!

With the promise of a sick leave tomorrow,
I finally sleep in peace,
but the next morning I get back to the world,
where I don’t have time for self pampering
or self pity.


I remember,
every little thing you said,
every big promise you made,
every time you smiled
and looked into my eyes.

your happy face is engraved,
in my memory,
your subtle ways of intimacy,
makes me crave for more.
your silence to hide the truth,
now disturbs me more than ever.

Where are you?
How have you been?
Its been so long,
its you I haven’t seen.