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Archive for December 2013

I wake up to the dust by the maid sweeping the floor,
I try to go back to sleep but I can’t anymore,
Reluctantly I splash my eyes, brush my teeth,
scavenge the fridge to find something to eat,
I look at the time, its almost noon,
I realize that my day off will be over soon…

I call up my friends but they already have plans,
some are working, some have girlfriends to romance,
So I take my own sweet time in the shower,
desperately wait for home delivery that I can devour.
By this time I get so comfortable in my cocoon,
that I feel sad my day off will be over soon…

Meanwhile I make the best of being alone,
strum my guitar and sing in my own baritone,
put on loud music, try to imitate Jackson,
walk around the neighborhood to my satisfaction.
I see the sun go down, and the smiling face of moon,
can’t believe my day off will be over soon.

Silently with others, I eat my last meal.
wondering if just one more day off I could steal,
I get into bed with the book I’ve been reading.
I relax and at my own pace I keep proceeding.
Out of all life has to offer, this is the best of its boon,
I shall wait for my day off to come again soon…