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Seeing you smile burns my heart,
hearing your voice tears me apart,
I can’t see you eye to eye,
ever since you said good-bye.

I don’t feel like dreaming,
I have stopped believing,
They say everything has meaning,
But this just doesn’t feel right.

In time will ever this pain subside,
Breaking up with you
has broken me up inside.

Your sweet memories taste bitter now,
like poison they kill my time,
In emotions evoked by them I drown,
the whirlpool takes me down,
drenched in your hatred a lot I’ve lost,
still paying the price our love has cost.

When you said you loved me, you lied,
Breaking up with you
has broken me up inside.



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  • Braja: Just one word - "Respect". Thanks for writing this poem for those who lay their lives for others.
  • vrikmace: Thank you Taskeen !! :) :)
  • Taskeen: Nice one Sainani! :)