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Always keep you word,
to the beast and the bird,
to the lonely one and the herd,
to the bully and the nerd,
always keep your word.


I am knocking at your door,
as you take your time some more,
I just can’t seem to contain,
this heart that beats in vain.

I hear you move around,
as you approach the door,
I see you step outside,
and suddenly I’m so sure.

I an falling in love,
and it feels like heaven.
so blissful I can’t contain
and when you’re not around,
your feelings still remain.

I am stuck in this rut,
whole day sitting on my butt,
nothing feels great,
everytime cursing my fate,

I stroll outside for fresh air,
wondering why life isn’t fair,
even when life’s going good,
I delay doing things I should.

I may be in any location,
doing any occupation,
I feel suffocation
coz i got no motivation!

Instead of knowing myself,
I look around for inspiration,
I push myself too hard and too far,
and end up in perspiration.

I got a card for driving and ration,
but got no card for instigation,
I don’t get into any violation,
I feel no fear, i have no fun,
coz i got no motivation.

When failure knocks me down,
my efforts blow up in my face,
I lay dormant and wear a frown,
feeling hopelessly out of place.
Emotions boil up in my heart,
stagnation spreads in my mind,
I look forward to better life,
guilt pulls me behind.

Amidst all this confusion,
I drown in my frustration,
negative turns my imagination,
pain becomes my new infatuation.
Far away I want to run,
coz i got no motivation.