thoughts within me


Posted on: July 5, 2012

The window is the last thing I see,
as I close my eyes to sleep,
Lying in darkness I listen to voices,
groan and giggles of people still awake,
melodrama in a movie playing in the vicinity,
dogs barking on the streets,
or sound of silence on a deserted night.

The streetlight glistens my window glass,
someone goes to bed every next minute,
I try not to think of the day lived,
but of standing at the summit of my dreams,
I slow my breathing and try to relax myself,
I enter a parallel world where I live in my sleep,

Morning light barges in through my window,
I wake up half-heartedly,
With few images lingering in mind,
I yawn widely and get back to this life.

Sleep is a bliss
I can’t enjoy before I sleep,
I miss after I wake up,
and in between,
my life in the parallel world,
keeps me busy, but alive.


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  • Braja: Just one word - "Respect". Thanks for writing this poem for those who lay their lives for others.
  • vrikmace: Thank you Taskeen !! :) :)
  • Taskeen: Nice one Sainani! :)


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