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Archive for December 2011

In time we make memories, in time we tend to forget.
In time our wounds heal, in time we let go of our regrets.
In time we experience the same as many others, and know its nothing new.
Yet we hesitate sometimes, sometimes we experience fears we never knew.

In time we fall in love, in time we grow into it.
In time we chase our dreams, small victories, bit by bit.
In time we spread joy and share sorrow,
live to the fullest now and be prepared to do so even tomorrow.

Sometimes, in time we just wanna be, flowing with it,
taking us wherever it seems fit.
Exploring the nature, various subjects and arts,
in time something deeply touches our heart.

In time, together we shall sing, together we shall dance.
This is moment in time when I take this chance.
There will be days to be responsible, there will be times to stay strong.
But right now I feel in love, and in this time, with my love I belong.


there’s nothing wrong
to just try,
you may fall,
you may hurt,
you may feel the pain,
but nothing ever goes in vain,
you don’t have to justify,
just try.

be yourself,
just be,
you’ll know eventually,
you add to this symphony,
the world feels a better place,
when you just be.

love like there’s no tomorrow,
take away all the sorrow,
with your beautiful smile,
your musical voice,
your gentle touch,
I don’t ask for much,
only a gesture of love.

If you wanna feel happy,
just smile, for a while,
If you wanna feel happy,
just sing, oh what joy it brings!

Its all within your heart,
you gotta let it out,
my friend, have no doubt,
that if you wanna be happy,
you can be, just wish for it,
if you wanna be happy,
do good, enjoy it every bit.