thoughts within me

Archive for April 2011

I am losing the magic in your touch
I guess I’m missing you so much
I look for inspiration and love around
so much can be found
but not what I’m used to.

I open my eyes to the day,
realize loneliness is here to stay
I walk on the streets bustling with life,
but they won’t suffice
they seem so far away.


sitting on a porch,
looking at the streetlights,
I deeply sigh,
you hurt me with your words,
but for the reasons I can’t deny,

you thought of me to be,
so much more,
I ain’t so great,
and when the bubble burst in your face,
you left me with this hate.

you liked me, for the best in me,
you never saw through me,
at the little kid inside,
and all the needs that I hide,

and now that you are gone,
I feel I’ve lost the best in me.

I, didn’t know where I was going wrong,
it all felt so right, I enjoyed it all along,
It was hard to believe when on waking up one morning,
to see my life had changed, without any warning,

I am having a hangover,
I guess I took in more than I could take,
I am, like a rover,
trying to get around my mistakes.