thoughts within me

Life is

Posted on: February 25, 2011

Life is sailing on a sinking ship,
I won’t give up, but it ain’t no glib,
I keep on trying, off and on,
I had a chance and now its gone.

You can keep me in a line,
I do feel scared,
though I fake I’m fine.
I got no motivated within,
lack of vigor is my sin.

Life is a game of heads and tails,
When I don’t choose is when I fail,
high on my pride, low on my soul,
I keep on changing my goals,

Looking for a harbor in sight,
as the time keeps on moving,
If I believe I just might.


4 Responses to "Life is"

We are all not perfect, not even a single one, nobody ever was,nor is, nor ever going to be perfect, it is our imperfections and the love of those imperfections and accepting them make us bigger in our heart, actually more enjoyable, otherwise, life would be boring ( if we all are perfect clones)!
What defines us as a person is NOT a house, or a car, clothes, career, money, social status, race, culture, physical appearance, athletic ability, creative gifts or even IQ, etc…..What truly defines us as a person are the people we love and who love us back!…

It matters not how many times you fall, what matters is whether you get up after falling or not…

I love you … πŸ˜€
awesome lyrics …….

Every para had four lines except the fourth para….Why??
Overall…..a nice poem πŸ™‚

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