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I see you come alive

Posted on: February 6, 2011

We could be on the phone,
Or I reading our previous chats alone,
the way you look at me from your photo.

My heart starts running wild,
I just can’t help but smile,
Maybe its the way you live it up
Baby its all in your style,
Because for that while
I see you come alive.


12 Responses to "I see you come alive"

second paragraph is classic 🙂

😀 😀 😀 I got this idea when one of the Toastmasters, Mr. Alfred talked about ‘come alive’, as in living life to the fullest. This phrase, ‘come alive’ got stuck in my head and in a few hours I wrote this! 🙂

Good one 🙂

Thanks yaar !! 🙂

Nice one….

Thank you Sirjee 🙂


are you in love or smthing ?? or someone dumped u or smthing like that ..huunn ??

Seems smthing is up .. isn’t it ? 😉

I am not in love. I never got dumped or heart-broken. I’m just a hopeless romantic! 🙂

Nice man. Short, sweet and conveys a whole idea, I like it!

Thanks buddy. 🙂

U might be knowing it, but I need to tell u that, after mastering prose, u r acquiring skills in poetry writing too. Keep writing.

nice one 🙂

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