thoughts within me

Archive for February 2011

Life is sailing on a sinking ship,
I won’t give up, but it ain’t no glib,
I keep on trying, off and on,
I had a chance and now its gone.

You can keep me in a line,
I do feel scared,
though I fake I’m fine.
I got no motivated within,
lack of vigor is my sin.

Life is a game of heads and tails,
When I don’t choose is when I fail,
high on my pride, low on my soul,
I keep on changing my goals,

Looking for a harbor in sight,
as the time keeps on moving,
If I believe I just might.


I’m 23, I live alone,
I have few friends to call my own,
I have a job, 9 to 6,
Rest I survive on quick fix.

Can’t get a hooker,
bcoz I can’t afford,
Haven’t met a girl,
who would be on board,

When will I get laid,
I’m losing my prime,
when will i get laid,
c’mon, its high time!

Lazily I hang out with friends,
on a friday night,
saturday comes and goes by,
sunday isn’t any delight…

By now I’m losing my hair,
my tummy is coming out,
days and weeks are passing by,
My face shows wrinkles, no doubt!

When will I get laid,
I’m losing my prime,
when will i get laid,
c’mon, its high time!

All these emotions I suppress,
hoping they’d just die inside,
But I can feel them around me,
they just surround me.

fear within me makes the world look dark,
like a rainy day ready to pour,
guilty mind can’t enjoy the taste,
of a favourite delicacy after so many days,
sadness makes me want to cry,
but I try to hold those tears a little longer,

The silence sets them free,
when I’m alone in my room.
Tears pour like water breaking through a dam
every breath is liberating now
I come to terms with my emotions
wiping off those tears,
I see the world brighten again,
I take another bite and enjoy my delicacy.

We could be on the phone,
Or I reading our previous chats alone,
the way you look at me from your photo.

My heart starts running wild,
I just can’t help but smile,
Maybe its the way you live it up
Baby its all in your style,
Because for that while
I see you come alive.