thoughts within me

Archive for December 2010

She didn’t have to say,
I didn’t have to hide,
our mutual emotions all around,
she didn’t have to scream,
I didn’t have to shout,
we understood no point in making sound,

in silence we walked away,
our separate ways,
to our separate lives,
we didn’t have to look back,
we didn’t want to.


All my time, wasting away,
its like waking up on the same day,
sunshine, moonlight,
no joy any more.
dancing in the rain,
not the fun it was before.

loneliness is haunting,
future is taunting,
so if you find happiness,
do let me know.
I’m ready to push uphill,
burned out, I’ll continue still,
so if you find happiness,
do tell me where to go.