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Listen to yourself

Posted on: July 18, 2010

You gotta listen to yourself,
reach out to that inner feeling
it is who you are,
it says what you really want.

silenced by the noise around,
it seeks for your attention,
but when none can be found,
it stays dormant as you drift away,
waiting for you to return to it someday.

the better you listen, the more it speaks,
it keeps you grounded to yourself,
gives you courage when you feel weak,
directs you when you’re in doubt,
after all, you, your life is all about.


3 Responses to "Listen to yourself"

well done… 🙂

nice 🙂

Thanks Prasad. 🙂

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  • Braja: Just one word - "Respect". Thanks for writing this poem for those who lay their lives for others.
  • vrikmace: Thank you Taskeen !! :) :)
  • Taskeen: Nice one Sainani! :)


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