thoughts within me

Archive for July 2010

talking to you is so great,
when those words come from you,
and I throw in some of mine,
the chain grows crazy,
but we ain’t getting lazy,
we keep it going on,
our conversations run late,
but talking to you is always great!


you get what you fight for,
with no selfish desires.
you are liked being right for,
trying to make things better.

just get it all together,
every piece in its place
making the life that you want
even in the darkest phase.
Believe that it will happen,
always have, always been,
embrace the gift of present,
welcome the future unseen.

You gotta listen to yourself,
reach out to that inner feeling
it is who you are,
it says what you really want.

silenced by the noise around,
it seeks for your attention,
but when none can be found,
it stays dormant as you drift away,
waiting for you to return to it someday.

the better you listen, the more it speaks,
it keeps you grounded to yourself,
gives you courage when you feel weak,
directs you when you’re in doubt,
after all, you, your life is all about.

Idling at my desk I see you online,
though I got nothing to say,
I slip in a “hi”, with a smiley nearby,

even though you’re just a click away,
it feels like miles and miles and miles.

All I do is stare at the screen,
which indicates that you are typing,
with chosen words you say what’s on your mind,
that you’re doing just fine.