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Final Goodbye

Posted on: April 7, 2010

I stood there looking at her,
she was so silent, expressionless,
I bent down and held her hand,
she felt so cold, motionless,
I felt alone,
empty yet filled with overflowing emotions,
All those days spent with her,
laughter and sigh shared together,
never knew one day I would have to say to her,
I will miss you so,
I want to hold you close,
and never let go.
never knew one day I would kiss you goodbye forever…


12 Responses to "Final Goodbye"

hope that’s not your story … 🙂

@@nks: Not entirely. Inspired from something that happened to me… 🙂

another good one… 🙂

Naiiiicce 🙂

kabhi alvida na kehna…

really vry nice….!!!!!
🙂 🙂

very romantic dude 🙂

Nice and Touchy Poem 🙂
If you really recite this poem to her then i don’t think it wud be a goodbye 🙂

nice one…

Thank you everyone for reading and liking the poem. 🙂
@Sumit: I wish I could do that. 🙂

nice post

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