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Archive for April 2010

Carelessly left ajar,
or to allow some air in,
an open door looks inviting.


I will die cold at home,
slouched in a chair,
looking outside the window, my only companion,
thinking about beautiful life on the other side.

life is a mystery,
sometimes as future, sometimes in history,
things happening now, building on the past somehow,
future coming to us, emerging from the present we see,
life is a mystery.

I want to be on the top of the world.

I want to do what others won’t dare,
live my life without any care,
learn to trust, learn to share,
boldly face my inner fears,

life is a journey full of light and dark,
I want to make a difference,
I want to leave a mark.

I want to be on the top of the world.

what is love,
some feeling,
that takes your heart away.

what is love,
a sense of healing,
that brightens your every day.

the mind is never still,
with you it never stays,
always visits the reason,
heart was lost in first place.

what is love,
the longing,
to be with that someone everytime.

what is love,
the waiting,
in the hope to meet that someone sometime.

I miss your arms around me,
while riding on these streets,
your picking things from my plate,
when we sit down to eat,
the way little ones freaked you out,
baby, I tried but finally laughed out loud,

I miss you,
you haven’t been around,
its been so long
believe me,
I didn’t want to piss you,
if only I knew
how much it meant to you,
but now I know
you mean the world to me.

I stood there looking at her,
she was so silent, expressionless,
I bent down and held her hand,
she felt so cold, motionless,
I felt alone,
empty yet filled with overflowing emotions,
All those days spent with her,
laughter and sigh shared together,
never knew one day I would have to say to her,
I will miss you so,
I want to hold you close,
and never let go.
never knew one day I would kiss you goodbye forever…